Midnight: Century of the Vampires

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Review from Fang-Freakin-Tastic

from Fang-Feakin-Tastic

I only reviewed the first of the 3 parts of Midnight: Century of the Vampire. My review is based only on that very first part. Forty three pages is a little difficult for me to get a complete view of the big picture, so please forgive me if I misunderstand anything that is going on.

This was a decent beginning to the 3 part story. I didn’t absolutely love it, but I didn’t necessarily dislike it. Midnight does have the potential to be a 5 star book as a collective, but my rating for ONLY this first part is three stars.

This was a good introduction to the characters and gave me good reason to want to continue reading the rest of the books. We are given a decent amount of back story to the characters, but not so much that there is nowhere for the author to build on from there. The main characters, Aura and Mark are survivors in this post-apocalyptic type world where the vampires rule. I am looking forward to see where else they go in their relationship. We are given hints into what exactly they have going on, but I’m not sure how much of their relationship is emotional verses just physically convenient.  I am very interested to see what we have to learn about Aura’s time before she met Mark that she spent with her friends, the Scientists.

I enjoyed the spin on the vampire creation myth and I think it does have potential to be something pretty awesome. It was very interesting to me how the vampires were created and how they have evolved from the beginning of their creation. This is definitely NOT your typical vampire book where the vampires are tormented creatures who just need the love of the right woman to bring them back from the edges of their monstrosity lol.

Giving this book a 3 star rating doesn’t mean I didn’t like it. It wasn’t a strong start to the collective, but it got it up off the ground and, in my opinion, was enough to get me reading the rest of the books. I would probably recommend that you buy all three books at once instead of piece by piece, so that you don’t have down time in between each section and lose the momentum that is going on near the end where things get exciting.

Review from The Avid Reader

from  The Avid Reader

Aura met Mark two years ago and they have been together ever since. Mark and Aura live in a world where the vampires have taken over the world. They started with the people at the top of the line. Like the people who were in charge of the country and whose job it was too serve and protect the humans. They destroyed them for the most part but they would take thousands upon thousands and put them on like little farms and treat them and use them like humans use and treat animals. You know like cows, chickens, pigs ect.... Humans are their food their way of surviving and now the vamps have taken over the world. There are a few like Aura and Mark who have survived and fight the vamps almost every day just to stay alive or not to become one of their animals locked up so that the vamps can feed from them.
Mark is the only human that she trust and she is the only human that he trusts as well. Aura has other friends she has met since the vamps have taken over whom she can trust as well. Aura and Mark go visit these friends every few months or so to get supplies from them that they can't get anywhere else. These people care a lot for Aura and except Mark to keep her safe from the vamps.
I loved reading Midnight: Century of the Vampires. I loved the world that the author has created for the vamps and the fact that they are so very different than most vampires that you normally read about. I can't wait to read more about Aura, Mark, Aura's friends that live in the underground and all of the vamps too. Midnight: Century of the Vampires may be a short read but it has so much depth in it that you would think it was a full length novel. I only had one problem with it and that was because it was short.