Midnight: Century of the Vampires

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review from Hailey @ Goodreads

from Hailey @ Goodreads

I really enjoyed reading this short story series. If your looking for traditional vampires (Not all cute and lovey dovey), lots of action, and not your average damsel in distress. These books are for you. It’s exactly what I needed to give me a Vamp fix. 

The storyline to these books were not only really interesting, I didn’t guess the twists until they happened, sure I had my suspicions, but it kept me guessing. It was really descriptive, I did have a little trouble picturing the surroundings (it may just have been me) but the characters were described in a lot of detail which made it easy to loose yourself in the story. 

I rate this series 4.5 stars.

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